Teen is home alone and defenseless against dominant intruder

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Some of these pigs just don\'t get it. They think they can do all kinds of sexually suggestive right in front of anybody who happens to be looking in their windows, and there\'s no price to pay. Makeena Reese is a fine example of a cocktease and whore who roams around her heavily windowed house totally naked, showing off her hairless twat and puffy breasts. The girl thinks because she has an alarm and cameras that nobody can break in, but she\'s about to find out that security systems are no match for a relentless creepy stalker whose attention she has attracted through her reckless, filthy behavior. She\'s known to penetrate random boyfriends, and the masked intruder making obscene phone call to her lets her know he\'s been watching her do that. The girl tells him if he can get past her security, he can fuck her. Bad idea, whore! It only takes the chick creeper seconds to get in, and ravish the nude girlfriend on her own sofa. He unleashes his massive penis and plugs her slopholes in every position. Makeena can barely take his penis, but she truly enjoys it as he slams into her with every stroke and spanks her anus in between. The girl ejaculates too many times to count from the bizarre sex. Deep down, Makeena\'s just another submissive sex slave like all women are, and she swallows his entire load of cum to prove it... and it\'s a massive fucking load!

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