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Alice is always up for new experiences, lately she had me watch her try out different sports, and I must say that she shags look pretty sexy in tennis uniform or in swimsuit, but what she was in the mood today was trying out how would she do as a boxing chick. The girl hits like a girl and I was quick to point that out, there is very little chance that she would do good as boxer, but that didn’t stop her from toying with me as she got playful. Soon just sparring wasn’t enough for the seductive babe blonde, she decided to reward me for sticking up with her during all of her experiments, so she slipped her tight top off and revealed her hot real titties and skinny figure, running her hands over every bit of her body as she tempted me mercilessly, she didn’t let me lay my hands or anything else on her, she did everything herself, including taking off her knickers and pleasing her vagina with her slutty fingers !

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