Bikini bimbo is better call for help because intruder is in the house

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Did you ever wonder what happens when a sexy girlfriend cocktease finally gets what\'s coming to her after all those times she ran around nude in full view of your windows, did yoga on her patio in a bikini, smoked her vape pen by the pool and fingered her innocent cunt knowing you were watching? Wouldn\'t it be fucking brilliant if that little girl pig gets paid back just once for all the turmoil she caused your poor penis over the years? It would, and now it has, thanks to the teen creeper. The cocktease in question is Marsha May and everybody\'s favorite masked intruder is about to right the wrongs for all of her blueballed victims by giving her the extreme sex fucking she so richly deserves. After putting on yet another lengthy backyard sunbathing, yoga, strip show starring her near naked curvaceous body, the gorgeous, massive titted blond (who looks a bit like Reese Witherspoon in her prime) decides to wash her sins away in the shower. But she doesn\'t get too soapy before the obscene phone caller she\'s been hanging up on all day is suddenly in the shower with her. What a psycho, but better, because he does the crap out of Marsha fast and hard, and spares no humiliation. A big load of cum seals her face and titties so she never forgets. Deep down, Marsha wanted this to happen.

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