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Abandoned house adventures do not need to end as books, with hidden treasure, pirates or something like that, the show can be much hotter, especially when you are going exploring with a hot blonde slut that looks like a slippery dream come true, she’s got skinny figure, best tight anus, small puffy boobs and a sex drive to shame any porn model. As soon as she realized there’s nobody in or near the abandoned house, she found a relatively clean room and started taking off her clothes seductively, giving me a exciting strip show that got me erected in moments, but she didn’t let me lay my hands on her right away, she tempted me first, getting entirely undressed and exposing every bit of her sexy body to me! By the time she was completely undressed I could see she was as slutty as I was, her cunt was throbbing wet and she didn’t resist the temptation of slipping herself a finger, caressing her clit gently as she roamed through her pussy, caressing and enjoying her G spot until she came loudly !

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